International Shipping Delivery Times

miiostore provides three shipping options for worldwide orders, namely (1) Expedited Shipping, (2) Economy Shipping, and (3) Budget Shipping.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping Orders ships via expedited first class shipping services like DHL, Speedpost, TNT, or other major couriers, only applicable for major cities.  Expedited Shipping will take 1-4 working days to reach you.  Note: Orders with payment made before Singapore Time 5pm will be processed on the same day.

Economy Shipping

Economy Shipping follows the transit times for Singpost Airmail.  Appended is the Transit time details, updated Sep 2017.

Country Of Destination (Major Cities/ Office of Mail Exchange)*

Estimated Delivery Time**
For Major Cities
(Working Days)

Air Shipping
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) 4 – 6
Brunei Darussalam (Bandar Seri Begawan) 4 – 6
Canada (Vancouver) 6 – 9
China, People’s Republic of (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai) 6 – 8
France (Paris) 5 – 7
Germany (Frankfurt) 5 – 7
Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 3 – 5
India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kokata) 5 – 8
Indonesia (Jakarta, Batam) 5 – 8
Italy (Rome) 7 – 9
Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) 3 – 5
Malaysia* (Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu) 4 – 6
Netherlands (Amsterdam) 4 – 6
New Zealand (Auckland) 4 – 6
Philippines (Manila) 6 – 8
South Africa (Johannesburg) 5 – 7
Sweden (Stockholm) 4 – 6
Switzerland (Zurich) 4 – 6
Taiwan (Taipei) 4 – 6
Thailand (Bangkok) 4 – 6
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 5 – 8
United Kingdom (London) 4 – 6
United States of America (San Francisco, New York, Honolulu) 6 – 8
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) 5 – 8
Other Destinations in Asia and Territories in the Pacific 5 – 10
Other Destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America 6 – 12

Budget Shipping

Budget Shipping will take 3-6 weeks to reach you, and is only available for Hong Kong, India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kokata), Indonesia (Jakarta, Batam), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka), Philippines (Manila), and Thailand (Bangkok) only.


* Major cities/ Office of Mail Exchange may differ for registered and surface mail.
* By truck to KL.
** Delivery times are only estimates and may/ may not be the actual delivery standard experienced.
** Any delay at the destination countries is beyond the control of Singapore Post.
** Estimated delivery time applies only to the major cities/ office of mail exchange. Please allow more time for destinations beyond that.
** Packets, envelopes with enclosures, documents, etc are subjected to customs inspection and clearance.
** For festive postings to the above major cities, it is advisable to add another 10 working days for airmail and 20 working days for surface mail to the above estimated delivery time.
** If Express Mail service is used, delivery time may be 1 day faster than ordinary mail.
** Registered Mail requires an additional 2 days as it is a recorded delivery service.
+ The sailing/transit time is based on the Surface Mail Dispatch Schedule. You can request for a copy from the Customer Service Officer at the Post Office.


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