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Note: If you are purchasing costumes instead of renting, click here to view the Purchase FAQ!


How to rent costumes?

Renting with miiostore is easy! Simply select your costume, provide your collection date (usually 1 day before your event), and your return date (usually 1 day after your event)! Upon checkout, you can select delivery* to your doorstep or self-collect (free).  It’s that simple! 🙂

*Do note the delivery hours below.

Why is your minimum rental 3 days? I need the costume only for a 2-hour event!

Our shortest rental period is 3 days as we provision for collection and returns.  For example, if your event is on 8 December, you should indicate collection date as 7 December and return date as 9 December. This will constitute the minimum 3-day rental.

Even if you can collect and return on the same day, the prices for 1-day rental would still be the 3-day rental price, as the bulk of your rental costs go into maintenance, preparation, laundering, pressing and dry cleaning of the costumes to ensure a clean and fresh costume, everytime 🙂 We also highly recommend collecting your costume 1-day before your actual event, to ensure sufficient time for you so that you can enjoy your event with peace of mind  🙂

Can I place a last minute order?

Likely not to be successful as we are usually very full 1-2 days in advance; popular costumes are usually fully booked 2 weeks in advance. To prevent disappointment, please book with us at least one week before your event.  For enquiries on last minute orders, please email to enquire.

Why can’t I book costumes for today evening?

By default, the system is set to accept bookings two days in advance to cater for processing time.  If you urgently require costumes for the same day, please email to enquire.

How can I be sure that my rental items are available on the dates?

After checkout, we will send you a confirmation email within 1 working day to confirm your booking.

If your selected costumes are not available, you will receive a notification to choose another costume or opt for a full refund. You can view this link here for fully booked costumes on peak dates. For early checks on availability, kindly email

Can I do an exchange?

Unfortunately, we do not allow exchanges for rental or purchase sets for hygiene reasons. We highly recommend you verify your own measurements for costume fit before renting, as we have a no-refund, no-exchange policy. If you are worried about fit, do drop us a mail at before booking your costume.

Are my rental costumes clean?

Yes, the rental costumes are laundered + pressed + sterilized before and after every event. Saves you the hassle as you do not have to wash and iron the costume before your event! 🙂

Do I have to wash the costume before returning? Are there any fees for stained costumes?

You do not have to wash the costume as we have specialized wash+steam laundry treatment for the costume. 🙂 The rental costume is also washed and steamed before your collection. 🙂

While miiostore takes care of the pre and post-event laundry, dry cleaning and ironing for you, do note that permanent stains found on costumes will be charged at the costume replacement cost, and additional laundry fees for multiple laundry runs will be levied for tough stain removals (eg. excessive glitter, halloween paint etc.).  Do remove such stains prior to returning to avoid additional processing or replacement costs.

Where is your shop? Can I try or view the costumes?

We are an online costumes wholesaler and pride ourselves on being able to pass down the lowest costs of costume rentals to you.  As such, we do not operate any facilities for fittings and viewings given the high operating costs for manpower and rental shopfront. We are also unable to support viewing or putting on of costumes at the collection points as they are public locations.

In future, we will be looking into launching pop-up stores and open houses – do stay tuned!

Do you operate a hotline? 

Sorry, we don’t operate a hotline to reduce costs so as to provide best value for your costumes, at the most affordable rates in Singapore.  For enquiries, please email in advance, we will get back to you within 1-3 working days.

Collections and Returns

Where are the free evening Self Collect / Return locations?

miiostore Self Collect & Return
miiostore Self Collect & Return

Where are the free lunchtime Self Collect / Return locations?

Blk 17 Cantonment Close Level 1 Shelter near Loading Bay, S080017 (map)

I forgot to take my costumes out for return! Can I extend rental for one more day?

Late fees of $12-30 per costume per day applies. It is not really worth it, so do return the rental costumes on time! 🙂

I forgot to take the accessories/masks/hangers/bags out for return! What should I do?

Do kindly assist to return the full costume + accessories by the next day, as late fees of $12-30 per costume per day applies for costume and accessories. For hangers/bags, do return them as they are part of the rental package – a replacement fee of $5-$15 for missing hangers / costume bags / protective covers / orange bags will be strictly imposed for each missing item.


How do I get my costumes delivered?

Select Standard Courier (2-Way) if you would like to have two-way delivery – Delivery on your Collection Date and Pickup on your Return Date*.

Select Standard Courier (1-Way) if you would like to have a one-way delivery (either on your collection or return date).  Please specify if the courier service should come for the delivery or pickup service in the Order Comments box upon checkout.

*Do note the delivery hours below as there are days where no delivery service is available.

What are the delivery hours?

Monday, and Wednesday to Sunday: Delivery Hours – 9am-5pm.  There may be slight deviations in actual timings due to weather conditions.

No deliveries on Tuesdays.

What happens if I have selected 2-Way Courier service, but my Collection/Return Date does not fall on a Delivery Day?

For orders with Collection Date falling on non-delivery days, your order will be delivered on the date if possible.  If it is not possible, your order will be delivered at an earlier date.  Once you complete your order with payment, you will be sent a confirmation email of the delivery details within one to three days.

Similarly, for orders with Return Date falling non-delivery days, your order will be picked up on the next day after your return date.

What are the delivery fees?

The delivery fees (one-way or two-way) will be displayed on the checkout page once you enter your postal code.  For local deliveries, the average price for one-way delivery is approximately $12.90 and two-way approximately $19.90.  Kindly refer to the checkout page for the latest delivery fees.

Can I have the delivery of costumes to my office address and the return of costumes from my home address?

Certainly. You can state both full addresses in the “Order Comments” box upon checkout and indicate which address to pickup or return from.

Can I select my delivery timeslot?

Selection of timeslot is chargeable under our Premium Courier Service.  Scroll below for more information, and click here to make the topups.

Can you tell me more about your Free Shipping / Standard Courier Service?

By default, miiostore’s Standard Courier Service have the following T&Cs:

  • No selection of Timeslot
    • Courier delivers anytime within the operating hours, depending on delivery schedule.
  • Courier Fees for No-Show
    • Courier will wait 10 minutes. For no-show, courier charges distance-based fees for re-delivery / deliver the next day.
  • Additional Fees: High-Security Areas/MBS/Tuas/Changi Airport (+$3-$9)
    • If your delivery address falls within the above areas, the additional fees will be made known to you upon receipt of the confirmation email.  The fees will be deducted from your additional refundable deposit.

Can you tell me more about your Premium Courier Service / I have a special request?

Top up for Premium Courier Service is available with following T&Cs (click here to topup):

  • Selection of Timeslot
    • Courier will deliver within following Timeslots
    • AM Slot A: 10am – 12pm
    • PM Slot A: 12pm – 2pm
    • PM Slot B: 2pm – 5pm
  • Courier Fees for No-Show
    • Courier will wait 10 minutes. For no-show, courier charges distance-based fees for re-delivery / deliver the next day.
  • Additional Fees: High-Security Areas/MBS/Tuas/Changi Airport (+$3-$7)
    • If your delivery address falls within the above areas, the additional fees will be made known to you upon receipt of the confirmation email.  The fees will be deducted from your additional refundable deposit.

I have selected Normal Courier but realised I need to upgrade to Premium Courier. Can I do this?

Yes, you can upgrade to Premium Courier Service by emailing your order receipt to for change to Premium Courier. You will be advised to purchase the relevant topups here. Do note that you are advised to notify us two days in advance, otherwise we may not be able to fulfill your request in time.

What if I am not at home during the delivery time?

The courier will contact you by phone 10 minutes before reaching, and will wait for maximum 10 minutes at your destination. If recipient is still uncontactable at the door or by phone, courier will report a no-show and take the package back to HQ.

If you will not be at home, you can authorise courier to leave it at the riser, gate, shoerack, or with your family members. To do this, inform the courier directly, before your delivery. If applicable, do remember to make the relevant ARD (Additional Refundable Deposit) payment if you have not already done so. Do note that miiostore will not be liable for any loss or damage of costumes if you choose the above method.

If you prefer to receive the parcel personally, a re-delivery will be arranged within the operating hours during the same day or the next day.  Do note distance-based fees will be charged for re-delivery.

What time will the courier arrive?

For normal service, courier will deliver anytime within the operating hours. For premium service, courier will deliver within the chosen slot.

Why can’t you give me an estimated time?

As courier operates a dynamic schedule, the courier time of arrival to your area is not predictable. Unlike a scheduled despatch, our courier does not operate a fixed schedule to locations (eg. Morning West Area, Afternoon East Area etc).

Tip: You can attempt to leave the courier a whatsapp message to check if the ocurier is in your area. Courier will try his best to respond to your message in the earliest possible time, if he is not currently on the wheel. 


I won the best dressed awards! Can I share the photos with you?

Sure! You can Facebook message us or email and we will be happy to share them in our gallery and social media pages 🙂

I collected the costume but did not wear it because I couldn’t attend the event / I was on MC / the event was cancelled / other reasons. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, we are unable to provide any form of refunds, even for confirmed orders before your event date, as all confirmed orders will have gone through pre-processing (ironing, packaging, express retrieval from post-processing outlets) and post-processing (laundry, steam cleaning, ironing). Kindly note our store has a no-refund, no-exchange policy once orders are submitted.

I don’t know how to wear your costume / Your costume is faulty / broken / unable to be worn!

Please drop a message to Uncle Shane +65 92962246 to provide your details and queries at least 12 hours before your event.  Before your collection, our costumes team conduct thorough inspections for every order to ensure all moveable parts are working and there are no faulty parts.

Most of the time, the costumes are not faulty or broken, but simply involves just untying a knot or for pilot zipper ties, re-attaching it by pressing down the zip / fastening it back, as items may have moved during transport.

Again, apologies that we are unable to provide refunds for confirmed orders, as they have to go through pre-processing and post-processing.


How do I make payment?

Payment can be made via the website. Currently, we accept three modes: 1) Paypal, and 2) Direct Bank Transfer for most local banks (eg. POSB/DBS/OCBC/UOB), and 3) PayNow.  Do refer to the checkout page for instructions!

Do you accept credit card payment?

Yes, we do! Kindly select “Paypal” upon checkout and choose the “Credit Card” option.

What is ARD?

ARD refers to Additional Refundable Deposit. The ARD is a security deposit which will be paid upon collection (either in cash or PayNow) and returned once costumes + accessories + miiostore bags, hangers, pins etc. returned in original condition.

How will you be returning my additional refundable deposit?

Additional Refundable Deposit will be returned by cash, interbank transfer, or PayNow depending on your order quantity, payment mode, and order complexity.  If your order is <2 items and inspection can be done on the spot, you will receive the ARD in cash, if it was originally paid in cash. If your order is large or complex, the ARD will be refunded once costumes are inspected in our warehouse.  The inspection and refund process will take 1-7 working days.

ARD paid in cash: Refund will be made via cash/interbank transfer
ARD paid via interbank transfer/PayNow: Refund will be made via interbank transfer/PayNow

Partnerships, Collaborations

I have an upcoming media event! Can we collaborate please?

Sure, kindly email to enquire.

Other Questions?

Kindly email