Preloved “As-Is” Clearance Items

Preloved “As-Is” Clearance Items


What are Preloved “As-Is” Clearance items?

These are costumes that are approaching the end-of-life for our rental costumes (we pledge to maintain our rental costumes almost as good as brand-new).  On average, these costumes will have been worn between 10-30 times. Thus, there will be some wear and tear on the costumes, for example, small stains, fraying, slight discolorations but this will not affect the overall function or look of the costume (unless you are doing a close-up photoshoot with the costume, in which we recommend buying brand new costumes or renting with us here!).  In some cases, there will be slight repairs/mends/stitches on the costumes which will not be visible in normal wear and usage.


Are there any exchanges/refunds for Preloved “As-Is” Clearance items?

Sorry, there are no exchanges or refunds for Preloved “As-Is” Clearance items.  Do note that Preloved “As-Is” Clearance items are all wearable and functional.  

What are some of the differences between Preloved “As-Is” Clearance items and Brand New Costumes?

Examples of differences are:
Colour – Slight discoloration at certain spots (eg. the sole of Spiderman Costume’s feet area may be slightly discoloured to light red instead of dark red), but not visible in normal wear and usage.
Threads – Slight fraying or loose threads, but not visible in normal wear and usage.
Zips – Zips will function normally, but may not be as smooth when zipping/unzipping.
Mends – There might be mends found on the costume, but not visible in normal wear and usage.
Accessories – Some accessories (eg. caps, guns, pouches) may not be included in the preloved clearance item. Do check the individual item listing for more information on what is included.