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  • Wealth God Hat
  • Wealth God Top
  • Wealth God Bottom
  • Wealth God Waistband
  • Wealth God Beard
  • Wealth God Gold Ingot/Bar
  • Wealth God Banner
  • Wealth God Shoes
  • Free Laundry and Pressing Service before and after event
  • Free Rental Pins with every order (to clip up excess cloth if needed)
  • Free Rental Packaging Service – Comes with protective bag, hangers, and miiostore rental bag! (Need to be returned)

Requires Additional Refundable Deposit of $70 (To be paid upon collection).

Additional rental day start from $29.60

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Rent Cai Shen Ye Costumes Singapore

Miiostore’s Cai Shen Ye costumes are sure to catch attention at your Chinese New Year Event! A favourite for DNDs, corporate events, and parties. Also popular for halloween, wedding gatecrashes, and birthday parties!
Rent Cai Shen Ye Wealth God Costumes with miiostore today!

Caishen (simplified Chinese: 财神; traditional Chinese: 財神; literally: “God of Wealth”) is the Chinese god of prosperity worshipped in the Chinese folk religion and Taoism. He has been identified with many historical figures, viewed as his embodied forms, among whom Zhao Gongming (趙公明, Wade–Giles: Chao Kung-ming, also known as Zhao Gong Yuanshuai 趙公元帥 “Lord Zhao the Marshal”), Fan Li, and Bi Gan.[1] A large temple of Caishen has been built in the 2000s in Zhouzhi, Xi’an, Shaanxi.

Caishen’s name is often invoked during the Chinese New Year celebrations.[1] He is often depicted riding a black tiger and holding a golden rod. He may also be depicted with an iron tool capable of turning stone and iron into gold.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 1 cm